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The Bristol Muslim Strategic Leadership Group (BMSLG)

The purpose of the Bristol Muslim Strategic Leadership Group (BMSLG) is to develop and strengthen Muslim communities in Bristol.

We do this by working with our Statutory and Associate Partners who are an important element of BMSLG

The members of BMSLG are volunteers who have been recruited from across the diverse Muslim communities of Bristol with a proven track record of getting things done,

Together with our partners we aim to make life better so our City is the best place to live in for all its citizens.

BMSLG have been active during the Coronavirus pandemic and working with Partners to produce targeted messaging for our communities.

We continue this work through our drive for equality of opportunity by working with Partners to ensure systems and processes do not disadvantage Muslims  or people with other protected characteristics.

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Launching our new Muslims in Bristol Booklet!

in partnership with SARI, Bristol University and Bristol City Council



The short film below showcases the work of Muslims across Bristol, the challenges they face and some of the solutions.  It was kindly produced with the support of our Statutory Partners, Muslims across Bristol and BMSLG.

The film was shown at the Stakeholder Event in March 2019 which was designed to reach out to Muslim individuals across the City to join the Bristol Muslim Strategic Leadership Group so that:

  • we can share our insights with Statutory Partners to improve services across the City.

  • collectively, we can decide how we want to contribute and develop Muslim communities in Bristol so they can be the best they can be. 

  • we can all reach our potential, irrespective of our race, gender, ethnicity or any other background feature. 

To do this, we collaborated with the leaders of the City of Bristol, be that Bristol City Council for effective council services, the NHS to meet and plan for our health needs, the Police to keep our communities safe, the Crown Prosecution Service to ensure all have justice.  All these are in keeping with our Muslim principles of being good citizens.

We hope that you will agree that this is an initiative that will enhance the fantastic work being done by Muslims across Bristol and that united, we will have a stronger voice so that our City and the opportunities within it can be the same for all.

The Bristol Muslim Strategic Leadership Group does this through our Task Groups.


 21st March 2019


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